Chairman’s Message

Our Chairman


C. N. Vijayakrishnan

Over 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. The disease took the lives of nine million people in 2005. Nearly 9 million people are said to fall prey to the disease in 2015, whereas the number is said to increase to 11.4 million in the year 2030. The most noted fact is that 70% of all these cancer deaths happen in low and middle income countries.

India alone has 2.5 million registered cases of cancer, with half a million new cases being diagnosed every year. Approximately, 826,000 people were killed by the disease in 2005. The most common types of cancer in India are Cervix Uteri and Breast for women and Lung and Mouth Cancer among men.

Focusing on Kerala, we have a whopping 35,000 new cases of cancer every year, based on Cancer Registry Data. Over 913 males and 914 females have cancer incidence per million in the state. Thus, Kerala has a total of 100,000 cancer patients annually. Smoking and use of alcohol are the biggest sources of Cancer.

The best thing about cancer as a disease is that 40% of all cancer occurrences can be prevented. In that perspective, awareness is the key to unlocking the challenge of cancer. With proper awareness, not only can the disease be prevented, but its spread can also be curtailed.

By means of our humble endeavour – the care foundation, we intend to root out cancer as a disease from the map of Kerala. It might seem as a daunting task, but I feel it isn’t so. With proper technologies in place and with the right amount of awareness in spread, the disease can indeed be brought under control. What one needs in making this happen is will power. It is this will power that brought us all together under the ambit of our foundation to make affordable cancer treatment a reality.

Defeating a monster like cancer requires a combined effort from all of us. I humbly seek your help in battling this monstrosity, tooth and nail. When we join hands together, nothing is impossible. With your support, the myriad challenges posed by this deadly disease can easily be tackled.

Apart from the above furnished facts and ideas, I would like to apprise that I have a huge desire to treat all the patients from financially backward sections of the society, reaching our hospital in absolutely free of cost. It is my great wish to provide the best quality treatment to all patients.

In order to fulfill this goal, we would like to request that all the profit making companies and wealthy population around the globe come forward and give all possible help and support.

My ultimate aim is to bring up an institute of world class quality and services .It is my biggest dream to be one among the leading Cancer Hospitals the whole world have ever seen. We would also like to be a secure and helping hand to all the victims of this monstrous disease around the world.

Hence I expect all possible support, blessings and help from all mankind around the globe.


The MVRCCRI, set up by the Care Foundation initiated by Calicut City Service Cooperative Bank, is situated on 17 acre property at Vellalaserri in Kozhikode district with 300 bed strength spread over six lakhs square feet area. The Centre is named after the late CMP leader M. V. Raghavan. Inaugurated on January 17 2017, both the OP and IP departments are functional from January 18 2017. The Hospital established at a cost of INR 350 Crore has spent INR 150 crore for acquiring the latest Equipment.

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