About Care Foundation


Cancer is a sad situation filled with lot of pain, not only to the affected but also to the loved ones. Even the 21st Century technologies and equipment finds it hard to relieve the stressed. It is not only the internal pain, but with social, emotional and more importantly the financial aspects of fighting the situation. We are well aware of the present day financial fluctuations, which in-turn results in the costs for medicines and treatments being hiked. This is where, the noble intention of CARE Foundation rises, thanks to the Calicut City Cooperative Society Bank for its huge support and together they have launched few events and schemes, like the MASS Care Scheme of opening a fixed account with a minimum of INR 10,000 to give a treatment cover of INR 5 Lakh and also other supports for good treatment in a feasible denomination.

As per the Cancer Registry Data collected, alone from Kerala there have been reported nearly 35,000 new cancer cases every year, most of which are raised by common irresponsible lifestyle led by the citizens. This is where The Care Foundation lays their another arm, in opening the eyes of the common living a life of negligence, by frequently conducting different awareness camps and events in and around the district. We are happy to notice the active participation of different age groups of people irrespective of their gender attending and taking the initiative of spreading the awareness across the Globe.


The MVRCCRI, set up by the Care Foundation initiated by Calicut City Service Cooperative Bank, is situated on 17 acre property at Vellalaserri in Kozhikode district with 300 bed strength spread over six lakhs square feet area. The Centre is named after the late CMP leader M. V. Raghavan. Inaugurated on January 17 2017, both the OP and IP departments are functional from January 18 2017. The Hospital established at a cost of INR 350 Crore has spent INR 150 crore for acquiring the latest Equipment.

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